Top Rolling Machines & Cone Filler For Perfect Joints

The Best Rolling Machines and Cone Filler on the market

Rolling machines/joint rollers & cone filler/loader are, in our opinion, one of the best developments in the history of weed smoking technology. With a good rolling machine perfect joints are always in reach and you can forget about the hassle of perfecting your rolling technique. The question then becomes, what is the best rolling machine or also known as joint roller ? Well have no fear, we here at Weed’s Home have collected the following list of the Top Rolling Machines & Cone Fillers on the market today.

Do you prefer to roll/fill by your own? Check our top rolling papers and joint cones.

Cone Filler and Loader

  • Uses 1 1/4 (84x26mm) RAW Coney (Pre Rolled RAW Rolling Papers)
  • Includes: 20 Organix Hemp 1 1/4 RAW Cones (Pre Rolled RAW Rolling Papers), packNpuff Cigarette Rolling Machine and Wooden Packing Stick
  • Easy to use: Make perfect cigarettes quickly and easily. No special skills or dexterity required. Perfect for smokers with arthritis and smokers who don’t have the time or desire to learn to roll.
  • Even Burn Everyime: packNpuff fully supports the RAW 1 1/4 pre-rolled cone during the packing/loading process. This makes it extremely EASY to create an evenly packed cigarette that burns evenly.
  • Guide: No more dealing with half smoked cigarettes! Use the measuring guide to create cigarettes that are the perfect size for your needs.

Cone Filler and loader for prepared joints

RAW Cone Loader/Filler

This tool helps to fill you king size cones fast and easy. The complete product attaches importance to "naturalness" - which is why a small wooden stick is also included. Who knows RAW, knows that he cannot do anything wrong with this brand.

Raw Cone filler and loader with wood stick

RAW Two-Way

The RAW Two-way rolling machine comes in at number two on our list of Top 10 Machines. Made of natural hemp composite plastic, the RAW Two-way rolling machine captures the best of modern marijuana technology. Produced in the world’s oldest rolling machines factory, you can be sure that when you buy RAW you are buying a quality product. With an adjustable setting the RAW Two-way machine allows you to roll both king size and king size slim joints. What more could a stoner ask for?

Hemp Plastic Raw Rolling machine for perfect Joints

Zig-Zag Premium

Many people in the know would classify the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine as the best one on the market today. Built with the best materials, the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine requires just four simple steps to guarantee a perfect joint every time. On the downside the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine is designed especially for 70 mm Zig-Zag papers, so if you prefer some other paper this might not be the rolling machine for you.

Zig-Zag Joint Roller for 70mm Long papers

Elements Joint Roller

The Elements Rolling Machine is yet another top-notch machine available cheaply today. Constructed from a high-quality acrylic, the Elements rolling machine is tough enough for any stoner scenario. And at only $5.98, this compact rolling machine makes for a cheap, easily transportable solution to all your rolling needs.

Elements Joint Rolling Machine 79mm


While it is technically a “cigarette injector”, the Powermatic 2 Plus rolling machine works as well for joints as it does for cigarettes. All you need to do is insert your papers, place some bud in the filling chamber and let the motor do the rest. As the second generation of Powermatic rolling machines, the Powermatic 2 Plus includes improved gears and a highly dependable motor. Additionally, the Powermatic 2 Plus works for king sized and standard papers so you can smoke as much or as little as you want. Unfortunately, the Powermatic 2 Plus costs $64.56, a little bit steep for enthusiasts on a budget. But for those of you looking to pay more for a high-quality rolling machine, look no further! The Powermatic 2 Plus is the machine for you.


Buddies Bump Box (32 Cones) - Automatic Cone Filler

Works with 84mm Pre Rolled Cones Rolls 34 Cones at a time Saves Time, Perfect for businesses

Buddies Bump Box 1/14 Join Filling machine

Rollup - Automatic Joint Rolling Machine

The Rollup Rolling machines takes the cake as our number one on our list. The Rollup is an automatic roller, so all you need to do is insert your weed, your papers, and maybe a little tobacco (if you’re into spliffs) and you’re good to go. From there the machine will do the rest with perfect joints guaranteed every single time! And at only $17.99 the Rollup automatic machine is the ideal option for any stoner on a budget.

Rollup Rolling Machine

Cone Artist's - Cone Roller

  • All-in-one cone roller, filler, and stuffer
  • Easy to use: Simply roll it up, fill, and enjoy with your favorite rolling papers!
  • Roll your own perfect cones, spliffs and blunts
  • Made of plastic
  • Invented and designed in Sweden

Cone Artist Cone Filler

Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Machine

For those of you that prefer blunts to joints, this next blunt roller is the one for you. The Juicy Jay Jumbo Blunt is everything a stoner could ever hope for. With the Juicy Jay Jumbo Blunt rolling machine you can roll a perfect blunt every single time. And what’s more, the Juicy Jay Jumbo Blunt rolling machine can accommodate joint rolling too! With this machine you’ll never have to limit your smoking options; blunt or joint, the choice is yours.

Juicy Blunt Roller Machine

RAW 6 Cone Filler

Functional | Can roll one, two, or six king size RAW cones in less than one minute! The Six Shooter gives you the luxury of filling pre-rolled cones without making a mess or wasting herbal blend in the process. Also serves as a cone storage.

Effortless | This Six Shooter is loved by all kinds of people for its ease of use, simply load up your pre-rolled cones and you are almost done! Pack in your smoking content tightly and done. Requires minimum effort and produces maximum comfort.

Dimensions | L 3.5” X W 3.5” X H 7” Fits King Size Cones such as RAW's Classic KS or Organic KS . The 6 Shooter is compact, accessible, and small enough to store anywhere.

Compatibility | The Six Shooter fits King Sized Cones such as RAW's Classic King Size or Organic King Sized cones. The recommended cone size is 110mm in length and 26mm in the cones tip diameter

Raw Cone Filler for multiple joints

Rizla Premier Rolling Machines

This next machine is by far one of the most durable machines on this list. So those of you worried about breaking a plastic roller, pay close attention; this one’s for you. Constructed with a metal base, the Rizla Premier  machine is a cheap, tough solution to the age-old problem of rolling joints. For only $9.87 you’ll be able to take home a rolling machine guaranteed to supply perfectly rolled joints for years to come. The Rizla Premier rolling machine accommodates both king size and regular joint papers so you’ll always have the option to go big or go home.

Rizla Rolling Machine

Rollking - Scooper and Packing Tool

  • Prepare, Pickup, Position and then Pack with this simple yet extremely innovative tool!
  • Use the preparing edges to create a neat pile ready to be picked up.
  • Collect every single speck from the surface with far more precision than your fingers.
  • Place your material directly into where it needs to go without any spillage.
  • After its done, use the perfectly sized pack feature to compact the contents for a smoother burn.

Rollking Joint Roller Tool

Tommy Chong King Size Cone Roller

The Tommy Chong King size cone roller is certainly one of the more unique rolling machines on this list. Designed for the specific purpose of rolling perfect cones. The Tommy Chong King size cone roller is a must-have for any cone enthusiast. Guaranteed to roll cones quickly and effortlessly like Tommy Chong himself, the Tommy Chong King size cone roller is definitely one of a kind. But buyers beware, at $26.99 one can’t help but think you’re paying for the Tommy Chong brand rather than guaranteed quality.

Tommy Chong Rolling Machine in cooperation withh Futurola

RAW Cone Filler

Our final inclusion on this list of Top 10 rolling machines is none other than the RAW Cone Filler. Designed specifically for filling RAW 1¼ cones. This machine might not be the best choice for those interested in a range of rolling options. But for those who love a perfect cone, look no further. All you have to do is fill the RAW Cone Filler with your best bud. Place a cone inside, and let her rip. You’re guaranteed a perfect roll every single time. And at the low price of $9.25 what’s not to love about that?

Classic Cone Filler by Raw

The Grindarolla

  • Perfect Medicinal Sticks
  • Makes 1-6 smokes at a time
  • Stores Tools, Papers Etc.
  • Grinder Cleaning Tool Included
  • Strong Polycarbonate Plastic

Grindarolla Joint and storage tool

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