How To Smoke Your Roaches Without A Roach Clip

Roaches and Joints in a bag

It’s almost an art to smoke a joint completely, especially when you get to the smallest part of the roach. We’re going to attempt to provide you with some tips to get the most of your joints with hacks to smoke without a roach clip. Because let’s face it…not everyone is always walking around with roach clips now do they.

So what do you do when it comes to that point of the joint where some external assistance could be required? Well…let’s take a look shall we.

The Classic Roach Killer

Let’s say you’re smoking a joint and really want to destroy the roach, but you don’t have clips. The traditional stoner method implores that you use your pipe to finish off the roach. You simply have to insert the roach into the bowl with the “mouth piece” facing to the hole of the pipe. Then, hit it like you would normally hit a pipe.

The other way would be to simply break up the roach and then pack the bowl. This will eliminate the paper from the roach giving you a clearer less course hit.

Smoking roaches in a bong

Common House Hold Roach Clips

Now, let’s say you don’t want to roll a joint with a filter and for some reason you don’t have a pipe on hand. What can you do?

Well, there are plenty of household roach clips just laying around, you just have to find them. For instance, one of the best roach clips you can find in nearly any home are…TWEEZERS!

Tweezers are perfect for gripping a roach and can give you an ultra-close smoke. You could even use scissors, however the level of difficulty to hold the roach without actually cutting it significantly increases.

Additionally, you could use two coins as your roach clips. I’m not a big fan of this method as the metal on the coins do eventually heat up and can burn you, but it will give you more time to smoke that roach without being burnt.

Pliers also work exceptionally well as roach clips. Most houses have some pliers laying around, so dig around in the garage and I’m sure you’ll find some roach clips…er I mean pliers.

A key chain can also work as a roach clip. You simply have to slide the roach in between the chain and it will hold in place.

Finally, you could also use a simply Bobby pin. If you live with any female, odds are that by simply scanning the room you’ll find a few laying around. These work perfectly as roach clips.

Roll Your Joints With Filters

Another way to deal with roaches is to roll your joints with filters. This can be done quite easily and allows you to smoke the joint all the way till the final herbs are consumed. Once you’re done, you can simply discard the filter and your problems will be over.

Think of the filter as a built in roach clip and to pull this off, you simply need some cotton filters which you can buy at any smoke shop, or you could even use a small piece of cardboard rolled up as the filter. It makes the joint a bit smaller, but you won’t have to worry about the roach at all.

The Finger Nail Roach Clip

Let’s say you can’t seem to find anything to hold your roach. Well, lucky for you, your hands can become a roach clip…it’s a bit more difficult to pull this one off and odds of you burning yourself is quite high, but eventually this weed hack will allow you to smoke the roach till it is no more.

To do this, you need to have longer nails. You simply clamp a corner of the roach in between two finger nails. To take a hit you angle the roach upwards and make a “triangle shape” with your fingers. Do not put your lips on the roach itself, but rather around the roach and then you start inhaling.

This will create enough airflow to light up that roach and your fingernails would provide you with enough resistance to continue to hit the roach until it’s gone.

finger nail roach clip

Weed Hacks For Roach Smoking Concluded

Now that we’re looked at hacks to smoke without roach clips, you should be more than prepared to get baked and finish your joint to its completion. To be honest, anything that can pinch, close, or clamp can be used for roach clips.

I have those tongs from a Hookah that you use to put on the hookah coal and it works perfectly, especially since it has that pointy thing which comes in handy for packing down my joints. What are the different roach clips you have fabricated over the years? Let me know in the comment section.

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