What Is A Tarantula Joint Btw. Kief Joint?

Kief Joint or Tarantula Joints Are Dipped in Kief

The first thing anyone thinks of when you say “weed” is a joint but have you ever heared the name “Tarantula Joint”. Known around the world as one of the original ways to consume cannabis, they are a popular industry icon. Back in the day, the only option for rolling a joint was to use your hands. The more you rolled, the better you got at it.

However, today we have all kinds of ways to roll the ideal joint. Joint rolling machines are popular if you have trouble getting the hang of it, and in many cases you don’t even have to worry about it at all. Most dispensaries sell what is termed a pre-roll – a pre-made joint. You can purchase pre-rolls in varying sizes and usually you have a wide range of strains to choose from.

Yet one of the lesser-known joint options is called the tarantula joint, and it’s an intense way to get high. Let’s learn more about what this entails and what you can expect!

What Is A Tarantula Joint / Kief Joint ?

First of all, remember that in most states, you can only achieve this kind of a joint if you roll it yourself. While some dispensaries do offer a pre-made kief joint, most don’t. There are simply too many testing requirements that go into being able to sell these items, and they can often be rather expensive.

The basics of a tarantula joint are as follows: it’s a normal joint that includes flower, kief, and concentrates. The result is a powerful kief joint that leaves even experienced smokers wondering what the hell happened. If you’re looking for complete euphoric bliss, followed by the deepest sleep of your life, then a tarantula joint is for you.

Selfmade Kief Joints

Rolling Your Own

The idea behind a tarantula joint is easy to do at home, as long as you have decent rolling skills. Simply grab a rolling paper and place your desired amount of flower inside like you normally would. Then, add some concentrate to the mix. Roll your joint tightly, but not overly so.

Your next few steps are out of the ordinary, and this is where some people are critical of this type of joint. Get the outside of your joint sticky by rolling it in CO2 oil. You’ll want to leave the crutch dry but moisten the rest. Now for the fun part!

Roll the joint in kief and make sure it completely coats the outside of the paper. Grab a lighter and you’re ready to blast off.

Tarantula Joints – Are They Worth It?

Let’s be honest: rolling a tarantula joint takes some time and dedication. The money you spend on all of the required ingredients may not be worth it to you, let alone the time it takes to create. However, after one hit (or two or three) of your newfound friend, you might be singing its praises.

Have you tried a tarantula joint before? Is it worth the time and money it takes to create? Let us know what you think about this intense method of getting high in the comments below.

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