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The Case For Dog Supplements Made From Hemp

It stands to reason that weed lovers are often dog lovers too with one or more friendly doggies at home with them. So, why should they miss out on partaking? Well, of course, weed is not safe for dogs because it contains too many compounds that could cause them problems. Also, they don’t know to stay seated, so the THC would create difficulties walking and they could injure themselves. So, what’s the solution?

Well, thankfully, there are now pet supplements made from purified hemp that removes any THC and keeps to formulations that dogs will find agreeable too. Let’s learn more…

Hemp For Dogs

The trick with a hemp product for dogs is that it’s researched well to ensure it doesn’t have anything inside that might be harmful to them. That’s the case with Canna Companion products like their hemp oil for dogs because they’re relying on decades of research on Cannabis and years of additional research for dogs before going ahead with pet supplements. For dog owners, this is critical to know because they’d never want to harm their pet in any way.

What Will Hemp Supplements Do for A Dog?

Supplements can assist a dog in different ways depending on what issues they may be having. It can also just help improve their overall wellbeing too, even if they’re not suffering from a medical condition.

For instance, their GI tract often benefits with fewer digestive problems. If their bowel regularly bothers them and they’re subsequently fussy about their food, then it could help there.

With a dog that’s in pain with their joints because they’ve gotten older, then a reduction of pain can assist with being more mobile. They’ll also likely see an improvement in their overall demeanor too because like us, when not in as much pain, it’s easier to be happier!

Will Dogs Get Sick Less Often Too?

It really depends on the dog...

Certainly, dogs that receive hemp products tend to feel more comfortable in themselves and calmer as well. Even if they weren’t in pain before, for want of a better word, they seem mellower. Even for very active dogs, they can be seen to be visibly a little less hyper, which is a welcome change for worn-out pet owners.

Their neurological system often benefits from supplementation too. With a body that’s functioning better, their immune system can function well to protect them from germs and other bacteria. For pet owners who find a visit to the vet is a monthly or quarterly occurrence, this is also a net positive too.

It’s important to realise with any supplements that they cannot work miracles. Nevertheless, some of the experiences of people who enjoy using hemp are translating nicely through pet-specific formulations that remove any unnecessary elements and only include what’s good for our furry friends. While not every pet owner will be convinced, that’s just fine. It leaves more supplies available for people who feel their dog deserves a different kind of treat to what they normally receive.

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