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Why Are CBD Products For Pets Becoming So Popular?

CBD for animals benefits

CBD oil products are big news when it comes to health supplements. Derived from cannabis, the oil offers many of the health benefits that have been proven to be associated with compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the plants, without the ‘high’ associated with recreational marijuana use.

CBD oil is not, however, only used for humans. More and more people are beginning to use the oil as a supplement for dogs, cats, and other animals, and this is something that many pet owners now swear by in terms of promoting wellbeing in their four-legged friends and helping with painful conditions such as arthritis.

But I Don’t Want My Dog To Feel High!

Of course, if you aren’t familiar with CBD oil and its use from a veterinary perspective, it may sound kind of reckless or strange to give marijuana to an animal! However, because the oil doesn’t contain the components of cannabis that cause the high, you can safely give it to a pet without it causing them to behave oddly or feel unusual. There has been plenty of research into the effects of using CBD oil as a general health supplement in animals, or to treat certain conditions, and it seems that just as in humans, CBD oil doesn’t cause any side effects your pet will find disturbing.

Natural And Beneficial

Another reason why a lot of people are now choosing CBD oil as a pet care product is that as something completely natural, it can feel like a safer thing to be giving to an animal than synthetic medications. Pets with pain problems, such as older animals, animals who have started to experience some joint deterioration, and animals who have experienced injuries or surgery can have stiffness and pain that CBD oil can help them with, and this choice over giving them pills or other medicines can be one a lot of owners find more pleasant.

It can also be quite easy to administer CBD oil compared with tablets because there is quite a lot of flexibility about how you can give it to your pet. The oil can be incorporated into food in its liquid state or can be given in the form of CBD capsules if you prefer giving your pet's medication that way.

Backed By Veterinarians

Veterinarians have been coming around to the use of alternative medicines and supplements for pets for decades now, and the use of CBD oil is something that is almost universally agreed to be safe and beneficial within the veterinary medicine community. Of course, if you are looking to treat a certain specific health problem in your pet with the oil rather than just using it as a general supplement for overall wellbeing, it is best to consult with your vet and also read up on research relating to the use of CBD in your particular circumstances.

While many of us think of cannabis as either a medicine for people or a recreational drug, it really is something that is becoming widely used for the benefit of pets and is well worth looking into if you’re a pet owner.

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